Rabbi Aryeh Levin

EA023 Rabbi Aryeh Levin 500P
EA023 – Rabbi Aryeh Levin – Click for Full Size Image
Medium Watercolor Pencil
Structure Watercolor Paper
Date Completed 12/4/2011
Size 12″x9″
Description: Rabbi Aryeh Levin, who was called simply, “Reb Aryeh,” was considered one of the great Tzaddikim, righteous holy men, of his generation. Nicknamed, “The Father of the Prisoners,” for his frequent visitation of captured members of the Jewish underground, he provided these young men, many of them facing death for fighting for Jewish national liberation, with messages from the outside world and personal comfort. He also worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor and sick of Jerusalem. The pricing for the original and prints of this painting, as well as instructions on how to contact the artist to order them, can be found on the purchasing page.

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