Kever Yosef – The Grave of Joseph

EA040 Kever Yosef 500P
EA040 – Kever Yosef – Click for Full Size Image
Medium Oil
Structure Canvas Board
Date Completed 12/9/2012
Size 18″x24″
Description: Yosef, the biblical Joseph, made the final request of his sons that, upon being freed from Egyptian bondage, Israel must bring his bones back into the Land of Israel. Yehoshua’s (Joshua’s) first action upon crossing the Jordan River was to bring Joseph’s bones up to the city of Shchem (Shehem), where he was interred. His grave sits exactly on the border between the tribal regions allotted to the descendants of his two sons, Ephraim and Menashe. On the outskirts of Shchem, in the valley between the mountains of Eval and Gerizim, Kever Yosef, the Tomb of Joseph, is very difficult to visit due to the hazardous political situation, and only a few of the brave have actually made it there. The pricing for the original and prints of this painting, as well as instructions on how to contact the artist to order them, can be found on the purchasing page.

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