Great Grandpa 1

EA008 Great Grandpa

One thing I would like to accomplish with my paintings is the ability to paint Tanach (bible) scenes.  In order to paint such scenes, I need to be able to paint the human figure, expressive faces, and a landscape background.  I am already somewhat confident in my ability to do landscapes (they are the easiest parts) so for my next painting I will focus on a portrait.

The subject will be my Great Grandfather.


So I began with the undersketch just drawing what I saw.  Completing that, I laid down a layer of yellow, and started mixing in dark blues to get the shadows, and reds to get the orange pigment.  This is what I ended up with:



It doesn’t look much like him but you get the general idea.  Also, I apparently need to do some studying on skin tones, and how to work with pigment and shading.  His skin came out very yellow-orange, so it looks like he was sitting out in the sun a little too long, or is perhaps dealing with a case of jaundice.  Also, the “likeness” isn’t there.  i.e., it doesn’t look like the person I’m trying to paint, so I will have to find a way to improve that.

But there are some features which came out nicely.  I do like how the hair came out, and the shading on his suit, shirt, and tie is interesting.  One of the factors I have come up against is the difficulty of painting with acrylics, as they dry so quickly I don’t have time to do mix on the canvas (or paper, in this case.)  What this means is that, when working with acrylics, if I have a section where I want to do mixing on the canvas, I will need to focus on completing that section first.  This is difficult as, when working with highly complicated subjects like the human face, I prefer to work on one section for a bit, then take a break and move to another section before returning, bringing each part of the painting evenly along to completion.  The tie and jacket came out well because they are uncomplicated, and I was able to finish them completely in one shot.

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