Fall on the Yarkon

EA003 Fall on the Yarkon 500P
EA003 – Fall on the Yarkon – Click for Full Size Image
Medium Oil
Structure Stretched Canvas
Date Completed 11/4/2007
Size 19.7″x27.6″
Description: The Yarkon River begins at Tel Afek, north of Petach Tikvah, and flows westward through Gush Dan, gaining strength until it empties into the Mediterranean in North Tel Aviv. Yarkon means “greenish,” but in autumn the leaves on the verdant trees that border the river turn to warm red and yellow. “Fall on the Yarkon,” captures this seasonal change and anticipates the coming winter rains that are just around the corner. The pricing for the original and prints of this painting, as well as instructions on how to contact the artist to order them, can be found on the purchasing page.

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